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Top 5 Pressure Washers Online

Top 5 Pressure Washers Online -

Tired of using soap, water and other material for washing of your cars and garden area?? Switch to the high pressure washers. These tools are used across the world as they take less time and money to clean everything in your home & garden.

Below is a list of top 5 pressure washers that are available at for online purchase. All models can deliver a very high pressure water and handy, as they are of portable nature. Though you should be clever enough to select the one as a very high pressure can damage the surfaces of the some products.

Bosch - AQT 33-10 - Home and Car Washer (1.7HP)

Bosch - AQT 33-10 - Home and Car Washer (1.7HP) Online | Buy Bosch Home and Car Washers, India -
This is an an holistic solution for a variety of cleaning applications. Its tiny size and light weight makes it perfect for washing bikes, cars, windows and homes. Whereas its ‘Auto Stop’ feature ensures safety and power savings during utilization. It has a long handle which put less stress on your back even after the use of long hours. The suction nozzle and a fixed fan jet nozzle come along this product which helps in removing dirt and other spots easily. Now you can buy this product for Rs.6, 449.00 online at because up to 50 % off is offered on its MRP. It has a 1.3KW powerful motor that support to maintain 5.5 LPM flow and 100 BAR maximum pressure.

Bosch - AQT 35-12+ - Home and Car Washer (2HP)

Bosch - AQT 35-12+ - Home and Car Washer (2HP) Online | Buy Bosch Home and Car Washers, India -
It caters home and car washing needs at less cost. It comes along  an innovative three in one nozzle, which deliver water jets for thorough cleaning of of vehicles, home furnitures and other things. Whereas its foldable handle and light weight make easy to move it from one place to another. You can buy it for Rs.9, 999.00 with a minimum saving of Rs.7, 600.00. Its accessories include 3in1 nozzle, PC1 Patio Cleaner, 5 m mains cable, high-pressure hose and a gun and all these parts are very easy to fit and run.

Black & Decker PW1570TD Pressure Washer (2.1HP)

Black & Decker PW1570TD Pressure Washer (2.1HP) Online | Buy Black & Decker Pressure Washers, India -
Pumpkart is offering 20 % Off on its MRP and you can buy it for Rs.12, 636 only! It is a highly sophisticated and durable pressure washer which can be carried out anywhere with no hassle. It is powered by a 1.5 KW electric motor and can be used in ordinary water, which can be taken from a tap. It accelerates the water to high pressure and expel it through a trigger gun. Other attachments can also be fitted as per the cleaning requirements. It delivers 120 BAR pressure and has 6.1 LMP flow rate.

Homelite Pressure Washer HPW100E (1.8HP)

Homelite Pressure Washer HPW100E (1.8HP) Online | Buy Homelite Pressure Washers, India -
Another high demand pressure is Homelite Pressure Washer HPW100E. It has a 1.8HP power motor that support to maintain100 BAR pressure. Its water flow rate 360 L/H and come along a flexible hose of 5M length. Its intel nozzle thread is ¾” and outlet nozzle thread is M22. Pumpkart is offering 10% off on its MRP and you can buy it for Rs.8,612.00 with saving of Rs.957.00.

BTALI 70 Bar Portable Pressure Car Washer (1HP)

BTALI 70 Bar Portable Pressure Car Washer (1HP) Online | Buy Btali Pressure Car Washers, India -
Btali supplies products that can maintain quality and longevity. Like the case of BTALI 70 Bar portable pressure car washer, which has a strong body that can reduce wear & tear odds. It is convenient to use and comes with attachments. is offering 32 % Off on its MRP and you can buy it for Rs.6, 150.00 only with many other benefits. 

Many other options are also available at and buyers can choose any of them to wash out dirt and other sticky matter from the surfaces!

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