Thursday, August 27, 2015

Buy Bathroom Accessories India

Buy Bathroom Accessories India | Bathroom Accessories Online -
Replace old fashioned bathroom items with the stylish accessories that complement your lifestyle along space saving! Buy bathroom accessories India online at, one of the leading online shopping stores which offers products at wholesale prices.

Most of the Indian homes have small size bathrooms which require a number of items beyond cleaning liquids and toiletries to maintain lifestyle and luxury in an easy way! Here, a list shared below, which will give you an idea what type of items are available in the market for the adornment of your bathroom. If you purchase (a  few of them) online, at, you will get a number benefits with an easy EMIs payment option. Pumpkart has a huge range of bathroom accessories described along the information about the manufacturer, product features, discounts, and availability, etc.

A Complete Bath Set from Watertec

A Complete Bath Set from Watertec -
A number of accessories are required to fix near the bathroom sink, so that you could not face any problem, when you shave, trim and brush your teeth.  You want a towel bar to hang towels, holder for toothbrushes and many other accessories. If you want all these items in white colour, place online order for Watertec Bath Sets (5 Piece) at  and get the set delivered at your home at very reasonable price. These accessories  will definitely enhance the look of your bathroom by means of giving you a feeling of luxury. If your bathroom have space you can fix bathroom cabinet  along  the mirror,  and for both of these items you need not to go anywhere, you can find them again on pumpkart from the same manufacturer (Watertec Shelves Bathroom Cabinet with Mirror)! In addition, all these items will add elegance to your bathroom along with making your life easy.

Belmonte Basins in Different Colours and Sizes

Belmonte Basins in Different Colours and Sizes -
To add more elegance in your bathroom, you can replace your old basin with the new one! For small size walls you will require a small size basin,  but if you have a sufficient space, opt for a bigger size attractive basin. Basins by Belmonte are famous in India because they cater all budgets and offer stylish basins in different colours. Pumpkart also has a number of basins of Belmonte. Here, you can select any size basin at attractive prices. The high demand basin model includes Belmonte Wall Hung Basin 402 18 Inch x 12 Inch – Ivory and Belmonte Wall Hung Wash Basin Lily 18 inch x 13 inch – Ivory.

List of bathroom accessories is very extensive. Find the well matched accessories to change the look and grace of your bathroom. If possible, go for the above mentioned products and brands and get a high quality  and stylish design in a good price range! Look for other bathroom accessories to add more luxury and elimination of many problems in an easy way.

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