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Buy Top Selling Oswal Self Priming Monoblock Pumps

Buy Top Selling Oswal Self Priming Monoblock Pumps |

The Indian water pump market is a dynamic market. It is growing fast with exclusive innovations launched by different leading pump manufacturers. Even though international players have a strong presence here, but the Indian players like Oswal Pumps  and many others are also playing a major role in the expansion of this market. Generally, Oswal is known for delivering high quality submersible  pumps at cost effective prices,  but its small sized electric monoblock pumps are also doing a fair enough business. They are highly appreciated because of their strong structure and technical abilities that makes them unique from all other similar items falls in the same category. They are not top selling pumps in India only, but also have a strong base worldwide too.

Check here, which Oswal self priming pumps hold the record of the top selling Self priming pumps in India. All the model given below were highest sold pumps on, India’s largest online pump store which carries along millions of pumps from manufacturers, dealers, distributors and exporters from pan India:

Oswal Self Priming Monoblock Pump OMP-1 ACTIVA-(AL) (0.5HP)

Oswal Self Priming Monoblock Pump OMP-1 ACTIVA-(AL) (0.5HP) Online, India -
Pumpkart has sold a high number of Oswal OMP-1 ACTIVA-(AL) (0.5HP) in the past few months! Pumpkart offers up to 27% Off with all other regular benefits of an online customer. Its price and motor size could be a reason for its high demand that make it a perfect choice for a nuclear family with limited water requirements. Its flow range is 30-8 LPM whereas head falls between 8-28 M.  Similarly, another model OMP-1D ACTIVA-3 (AL) (0.5HP), with almost same features is also available on pumpkart. It is also liked by its users, but the number of orders for this model was little smaller than the previous mentioned model.

Oswal Monoblock Pump OMS-3 (1HP)

Oswal Monoblock Pump OMS-3 (1HP) Online | Buy Oswal Monoblock Pumps India -
No doubt that Oswal self priming pumps are good enough for different applications and ensure less vibrations and sound during a  stop performance for long hours. They all have totally enclosed fan cooled AC induction motor. When we consider Oswal Monoblock Pump OMS-3 (1HP), it is powered by a 1 HP motor and have these features. It is suitable for long hours use in homes. Even though many buyers purchased it for small industries, gardening and nurseries too. Pumpkart sold it for Rs.6, 592.00 after a discount of 27% Off on MRP. Its head varies between 6-28 M and have a 48-7 LPM flow range.

Oswal Self Priming Monoblock Pump MAGIC-2 (1.1HP)

Oswal Self Priming Monoblock Pump MAGIC-2 (1.1HP) Online, India -
Another highly sold pump is Oswal Self Priming Monoblock Pump MAGIC-2 (1.1HP)! If you purchase this pump with 27% Off offer, you just need to pay Rs. 4, 358.00 to get it delivered at your doorstep.  Its head range is 4-24 M and flow rate falls between 30-6 LPM!

Additionally, pumpkart also received a good number of orders for MAGIC-1A (1HP), OMP-3B HIGH FLOW-(AL) (1.1HP) and a few others. Customers ordered these pumps for multi-storey buildings and small industries water supply as they are cost effective and reliable solution! 

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