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Buy Water Heaters India

Buy Water Heaters India | Water Heaters Online -

Many of you are familiar with the technology of water heaters, which is used to  warm up the water for shower, dishwashing, and many other activities. Whereas, when it comes to purchase a water heater either online or offline, most of you will get confused because of the availability of so many options in the market from different manufacturers. Certainly, it is very important to select a right sized water heater from a verified seller or source to ensure safety and reliability.

In India, is a famous online marketplace to buy water related products at genuine prices. It has all the popular brands like A.O. SMITH, CROMPTON GREAVES, HAVELLS, KENSTAR, KHAITAN, POLAR, V-GUARD and many others with an unbeatable selection. Most of these brands are appreciated by customers because they have an original technology inside the every unit and so ordinary look outside. In this article, you can get an idea about the what brands pumpkart have for those buyers who are looking for a water heater to use at domestic level.

If you start searching water heaters at pumpkart, you will find a huge range from different sellers in different colours, shapes and sizes, etc. Often, they look like tall drums and cylinders and in many other shapes and you can select any of them as per the space availability in your bathroom, kitchen and laundry room, etc.,  wherever you want to install it in your home.  On the basis of customers’ response, a list of manufacturers has been compiled below:

AO Smith

AO Smith Water Heaters Online | Buy AO Smith Water Heaters India -
If you want to buy AO Smith water heaters you have more a number of options available at! You can place an order for  an instant water heater for saving huge on power bills and space saving. All the heaters are  with 5 Star rating and warranty of 2 years! A number of advanced models which can be controlled by a remote are also available here1

Crompton Greaves

Crompton Greaves Water Heaters Online | Buy Crompton Greaves Water Heaters India -
CG has water heaters with different storage capacities! This brand could be a good option, if you are looking for a tank water heater because it ensure you a leakage proof performance for a long time period. The warranty is also offered from the manufacturer’s side.


Havells Water Heaters Online | Buy Havells Water Heaters India -
Havells could be an another good option, if you are looking for highly advanced water heaters! It also offers easy to use features in its instant water heaters.

Alternative Options

If you want to explore more options, you can search for KENSTAR, KHAITAN and POLAR online at! They all have newer styles and shapes to fulfill hot water demands.

If you have a nuclear family or big family, you can select any of water heater with storage capacity of 15 to 25 L. What makes pumpkart more special is that if offers FREE delivery on all products across the country. So don’t let the old water heater make you a fool, replace it with the new one today!

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