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Crompton Greaves Open Well Pumps

Crompton Greaves Open Well Pumps

Crompton Greaves openwell pumps are famous for robustness and their applications in different areas. Read below to know the basic reasons why they are so famous among the users and which models you can find online at!

Crompton Greaves name always remains in the list of top manufacturers when it comes to the production of reliable pumps. It has a long range of open well pumps which are specially constructed for underwater conditions and robust performance in tough conditions. The company has launched these pumps below monoset pump series and followed strict standards for their quality manufacturing. Whereas company’s vast experience and modernize manufacturing practices have made these pump sets highly reliable and  efficient to stand for tough operations. Apart from these factors, these pump sets also  possess many other features that can appeal you, whether you are thinking of buying these pumps online or offline! However, if you choose online way, must visit at! Pumpkart assures you early delivery along great customer support, before and after the sale of a product.

Where You can Use Crompton Greaves Pump Sets?

CG pumps can be applied for uplifting water from deep bores for farm irrigation, drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and farm irrigation etc.

Incredible Features Which Will Attract You

  • The construction of CG monoblock pumps sets is robust and it makes them suitable for performing efficiently in adverse conditions.
  • Motors are made up of CI construction that ensure a longer life span
  • They also fitted with SS sleeves and thrust bearing
  • Their motors are water lubricated with an oil seal
  • They have dynamically balanced impellers and rotors for trouble free operations
  • Require minimum maintenance and have a longer life

Pump Body Parts Material
Motor Body Cast Iron
Volute Graded Cast Iron
Impellers Graded Cast Iron
Shaft Stainless Steel
Seal Rubber

List of Available CG Openwell Pumps At

Crompton Greaves Open Well Pump OWNH52 (5HP):

Crompton Greaves Open Well Pump OWNH52 (5HP) Online, India -
As the name explains,  Crompton Greaves Open Well Pump OWNH52 features a 5HP motor that support to pull water with a 850-200 LPM  flow rate. It is durable and long lasting pump. It will produce less noise and vibrations because of its underwater applications. If you place an online order for this product at pumpkart you can get attractive price deals with a great customer support. It is suitable for use in biggest irrigation applications at the agricultural level.

Crompton Greaves Open Well Pump OWK22SS (2HP):

Crompton Greaves Open Well Pump OWK22SS (2HP) Online, India -
Again, this pumpset also equipped with sturdy design which is suitable for underwater applications! Crompton Greaves Open Well Pump OWK22SS have 2HP motor and does not require a foundation for installation. Its head range is 12-30 M and flow rate varies between 305-110 LPM!
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