Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Atta Chakki (Haystar Flourmills ) For Kitchen Use

Atta Chakki  (Haystar Flourmills ) For Kitchen Use Online, India -
Now no need to pay extra money and time to your local flour mill owner for grinding and mixing work. Purchase your own Flourmill and grind grains and maize in your kitchen. is offering great price deals on Haystar Flourmills, which are known for durability and good performance.

Haystar Flourmills is a famous  manufacturer in India.  It exports its flourmill out of the country too. To meet the different demands of users, the company produces single body flour mills, which works automatically. However, for buying any  of them online, you can visit at, one of the India’s leading online stores. Just check about its grinding capacity and the construction material for ensuring a worry free performance. You can also refer the manual or technical description, which is given along every item by the manufacturer to know more about these machines.

Haystar Flourmill Gharghanti RED

Haystar Flourmill Gharghanti RED Online, India -
It is one of the highest selling flourmills for domestic use in India. It’s cleaning is easy and it comes with an inbuilt vacuum cleaner with a heavy metal body. If you have small kids in your home, don’t worry, this is equipped with child safety features. Besides, anybody can operate it easily as per the instruction given by the manufacturing company in its manual. If you choose to buy it online at pumpkart, you will get a 1 year warranty plus discount on its MRP. However must check stock availability before order placement. Other than this information, its technical info include:

  • 5 Kg Container
  • Grinding Capacity 8 to 10 kg/hr
  • 1 HP electric motor
  • It can work on single phase power supply.
  • Required 230 Volt, 50 Hz power supply for performing.

Additionally, you will get seven Nets, cleaning brush and rollers to minimize the quantity of flour spreading outside.

Haystar Flourmill Modular with Vaccum Cleaner- 5kg

Haystar Flourmill Modular with Vaccum Cleaner- 5kg Online, India -
This is another model of the same manufacturing company. Its capacity is 5 KG  and have a strong metal body. Similar to the above model, it also has an inbuilt vacuum cleaner and kids safety features. It has changeable 6 iron blades that grinds grains smoothly and give fine flour. Additionally, six nets, rollers, dust collecting and vacuum cleaner are offered attachments. Its technical specifications include:

  • 5 Kg Container
  • 1HP single phase electric motor
  • It requires 230 Volt, 50 Hz power supply

There are a number of all-round health benefits of Chakki Atta. It gives you soft and delicious dal and maize rotis that support in the overall health of your family. Grind flour can also be used for making tempting breads, pastas, noodles and many other food items with fibre rich content which is good for your digestive system too.

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