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iRex Vacuum Pumps - Single And Double Stage Pumps

iRex Vacuum Pumps - Single And Double Stage Pumps |

iRex make super quality vacuum pumps which are most likely  appreciated by customers because of a number of reasons. Customers who want to buy iRex pumps online can check out the range @!

The Indian water pump industry has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. There are a number of pump manufacturing companies who took their products online to reach more number of customers., India’s highly appreciated online site which delivers pumps pan India as per the customer’s convenience is offering  great deals on an unlimited stock of pumps of various companies. Customers who are looking for vacuum pumps, can check out the range of iRex vacuum pumps at Most of the customers appreciate these pumps for prices and exclusivity in designs.

Major Usage Of Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumping systems are engineered for various applications. Generally, they are used at industrial level to remove gases from sealed spaces. They create a vacuum and transfer gases safely for many scientific purposes. The coating is another main area of vacuum pump application. They can be used for decoration and enhancing the look of the different products.  They can be used in the food processing industries for freeze drying applications. Customers also use them to in radiotherapy and many other medical applications.

Well,  iREX is a known company for delivering high performance vacuum pumps for industrial use. It has a huge variety of single and double stage vacuum pumps. They all specialize in vacuum applications. The available options at includes the below given products.

A Sneak Peek Of Offered Models

iRex Vacuum Pumps Online, India -
Here is a teaser sneak peek of some of iRex vacuum pumps which are available online at The design of all these pump units is same but they vary on the technical part. They can be categorized in single stage and double stage pumps.

Single Stage Vacuum Pumps

  • iRex Vacuum Pump-Single Stage RX-2S (0.33HP)
  • iRex Vacuum Pump-Single Stage RX-3S (0.6HP)
  • iRex Vacuum Pump-Single Stage RX-4S (0.6HP)
  • iRex Vacuum Pump-Single Stage RX-1S (0.6HP)

Double Stage Vacuum Pumps

  • iRex Vacuum Pump-Double Stage RX-1S (0.25HP)
  • iRex Vacuum Pump-Double Stage RX-1D (0.16HP)
  • iRex Vacuum Pump-Double Stage RX-3D (0.6HP)
  • iRex Vacuum Pump-Double Stage RX-5D (0.52HP)

If you choose to buy iRex vacuum pumps from, you will get many other additional benefits.  Pumpkart provides the highest quality services all the way through its dedicated technical staff. To ensure a high level of satisfaction among its customers, it also addresses customers’ questions related to their selection and delivery of the selected pump unit. Before shopping a iRex pump unit from pumpkart, take your time for selection and must consider your technical person’s recommendations.  Best of luck & enjoy shopping with!

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