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Where to buy Oswal pumps online

Where to buy Oswal pumps online | Oswal Pumps India -

Nowadays, a water pump has become a necessity. There is an extensive variety of water pumps that you can purchase as per your needs and requirements. Now, when it comes to buying a water pump, you should always go for a cherished brand. As a brand takes care about maintaining quality, efficient functioning and long life of the products. This is carried out by making the products undergo various quality checkups. Talking about a quality brand – Oswal Pumps is a leading name in the water pump industry.

The trend of shopping has undergone a considerable change with the coming of online shopping. Nowadays, the lives of people have become so occupied that they prefer shopping online. So, if you have decided to buy Oswal pumps online, make sure you buy it from Here, you can be rest assured that you will find the pump of your choice. Let us discuss some of the best-selling Oswal pumps which will surely make your shopping experience easier –

Oswal Three Phase Open Well Pump OSWD-14 (2HP) –

Oswal Three Phase Open Well Pump OSWD-14 (2HP) Water Pumps Online, India -
If you think of buying a quality open well pump then this is the unit that you should go for. The pump is known for having high efficiency while maintaining low power consumption. There is a total absence of suction issue. The pump has lubricated bearings which helps in maintaining maintenance-free functioning. The best feature of the pump is that it has noiseless and vibration free functioning.

Oswal Single Phase Sewage Pump OFP-2115 (1HP) –

Oswal Single Phase Sewage Pump OFP-2115 (1HP) Water Pump Online, India -
This is one of the best-selling drainage pump and enjoys a significant demand from the user end. The pump has a modern design that assists the pump in functioning in different areas. Its wide variety of features comprise of – thermal overload protector, semi-open impeller, resistant cable base, lip seal design, AC thermal motor protector, resistant cable base, dual mechanical seal.

Oswal Self Priming Monoblock Pump OMP-4 ACTIVA-(AL) (1HP) –

Oswal Self Priming Monoblock Pump OMP-4 ACTIVA-(AL) (1HP) Water Pump Online, India -
This self-priming monoblock pump and it is powered by a TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) AC induction motor along with absence of suction rotor. The motor stator uses low watt loss steel laminations. A well-balanced rotor helps in creating reduced vibration and noise free functioning. It is also an ideal choice for the areas with wide voltage fluctuations.

Oswal 8” Submersible Three Phase OSJF-55C (15HP) –

This pump is low in maintenance and the pump is capable of functioning for extended hours. With the help of modern design, the pump ensure better discharge. The pump offer high levels of efficiency and consumes less power. The pump can be used at farms, hotels, hospitals, nurseries and industries.

Oswal Shallow Well Pump OMP-8 (SH-WLL) (0.5HP) –

Oswal Shallow Well Pump OMP-8 (SH-WLL) (0.5HP) Water Pump Online, India -
If you are planning to have a pump that can function for longer hours, then you should go for this pump. You can be rest assured that the pump will have high operational efficiency. The pump comes with an enclosed cooled fan with an AC induction motor. The pump has a compact design which assists in easy carriage and easy installation. 

So, now you have the list of best pumps from Oswal, in order to enjoy best offers make sure that you buy from Here, you get to purchase your favorite pump at affordable prices, make use of different payment methods. If you have any query, you can make the most of prompt customer support service.

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