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Buy Oswal pumps online

Buy Oswal pumps online | Pumpkart.com

The fact cannot be denied that water is the foundation of life. But in our everyday life we have to deal with the problem of water scarcity. This is where water pumps have played a major role in fulfilling this scarcity. Today, there is no problem in finding a water pump but having a quality pump can be an issue. So, if you are looking for a brand that offers complete peace of mind and at the same time offer quality water pumps then you should for Oswal pumps.

If you have plans to buy Oswal pumps online then make sure you have done your shopping at pumpkart.com. Here in addition to buying pumps from Oswal brand, you can also go for other famous brands. You will surely enjoy overall shopping experience here and the best part is that you will get a product as per your needs and requirements.

So, following are some of the best-selling pumps from Oswal –

Oswal Monoblock Pump OMS-2 (0.5HP) –

Oswal Monoblock Pump OMS-2 (0.5HP) Online | Buy 0.5HP Oswal Monoblock Pump, India - Pumpkart.com
It is a powerful pump which comes equipped with a fan and AC induction motor, making the pump to function for extended hours. The shaft is made using quality steel which makes the transmission of the horsepower much easier. The pump maintains noise and vibration free functioning with the help of well-balanced rotor. Low watt loss steel laminations is being used for manufacturing motor stator.

Oswal Single Phase Sewage Pump OFP-2115 (1HP) –

Oswal Single Phase Sewage Pump OFP-2115 (1HP) Online | Buy 1HP Oswal Sewage Pump, India - Pumpkart.com
This particular unit is one of the most demanded sewage pumps. The pump is capable of catering to different applications such as hotels waste water treatments, pumping surfaces and industrial processes. With automatic reset motor protector, the safe working of the motor can be assured. With the help of epoxy resin cable, water cannot enter the motor. 

Oswal Single Phase Sewage Pump OSWJ-A SS (0.5HP) –

Oswal Single Phase Sewage Pump OSWJ-A SS (0.5HP) Online | Buy 0.5HP Oswal Sewage Pump, India - Pumpkart.com
This particular unit is loaded with the necessary features that is required by a performance-based pump. The motor undergo various tests that assure high performance and high-quality. The pump has a compact size and above all it is easy to install as well. Various other features of the pump comprise of – P type impeller, cable base, thermal overload protector and maximum head is 7m.

Oswal Single Phase Monoblock Pump OCP-25-HH-EXCL (2HP) –

Oswal Single Phase Monoblock Pump OCP-25-HH-EXCL (2HP) Online, India - Pumpkart.com
This is one of the best-selling single phase monoblock pumps. The pump is made using well-balanced impellers, raw materials, ball bearings and seals which ensure long life. Motor stator is made using low watt loss steel laminations. The pump is powered by a totally enclosed fan cooled AC induction motor that helps the pump to work for longer hours. The pump also has good resistance owing to varnish impregnated windings which are made up enameled copper wire.

Oswal Three Phase Open Well Pump OSWD-14 (2HP) –

Oswal Three Phase Open Well Pump OSWD-14 (2HP) Online, India - Pumpkart.com
This unit is a famous horizontal open well pump. The pump is also known for high-quality and reliability. With the help of lubricated bearings, the pump enjoys maintenance working. There is no noise or vibration while functioning. The pump has less consumption of power as it enjoys high efficiency.

The above mentioned pumps can be easily purchased at pumpkart.com at affordable prices. There are various other advantages of shopping here such as – multiple payment methods, prompt customer support and extensive variety.

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