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Where to buy AO Smith water heater online

Where to buy AO Smith water heater online |

During winter season, a water heater or geyser is a must have. Now, comes the tricky part where you have to make a decision with so many brands available at your disposal. It is always a difficult part where you have to decide for a brand that satisfies your needs and requirements and at the same time is a trustworthy brand. For all your queries there is one single brand that has become a household name when it comes to geysers i.e. AO Smith.

If you have made up your mind to purchase AO Smith water heater online then the best place to purchase is There are numerous reasons as why you should make your online purchase here. AO Smith has wide range of products to offer and in order to make an informed choice, make sure that you consider the below discussed water heaters –

AO Smith 60L Storage Geyser HSE-HNS-60 –

AO Smith 60L Storage Geyser HSE-HNS-60 | Buy AO Smith Water Heater Online, India -
Every product from the house of AO Smith is loaded with modern features and this particular product is no exception. It comes with a glass lined tank that offers protection against corrosion and at the same time improves the longevity. With the help of touch control, the geyser is easy to operate. The inner tank also has protection via strong steel core anode rod. It also has two heating elements.

AO Smith 15L HSE-VAS-015 –

AO Smith 15L HSE-VAS-015 Geyser | Buy AO Smith Water Heaters Online, India -
This particular geyser is a perfect choice for bucket baths and overhead showers. It can also be a perfect choice for the small families. Adding a touch of convenience, it gets easily mounted on the wall. With the help of BEE’s 5 start ratings, you can trust the product for being energy efficient as well. Various other features of the geyser are – thermal cutout, glass coated heating element, safety valve, and temperature control knob.

AO Smith 25L HSE-VAS-025 –

AO Smith 25L HSE-VAS-025 Geyser | Buy AO Smith 25L Water Heater Online, India -
This particular unit is an ideal product for the winter season. It has been certified with 5 star rating from Bureau of Energy Efficiency. With the help of glass coated heating element, the geyser has protection against scale formation and boosts the life as well. There is protection against hard water and corrosion with Blue Diamond Glass Lining. With 25L, it easily satisfies the requirements of a family.

AO Smith 3L Water Heater - EWS 3 –

AO Smith 3L Water Heater - EWS 3 | Buy AO Smith 3L Geyser Online, India -
If you are looking for the best then this product should not be overlooked. With better quality you get an assurance that it will work fine with Indian water conditions. The heating technology used for the manufacturing the product ensure that you get hot water whenever you require. It also comes with modern design that easily blends in with the design of both your bathroom and kitchen.

AO Smith 15L Storage Geyser - HSE-SDS-15 –

AO Smith 15L Storage Geyser - HSE-SDS-15 | Buy AO Smith 15L Water Heaters Online, India -
The geyser is made using Blue Diamond Glass Technology which provide much needed protection against corrosion and hard water. It comes with an ergonomic design which makes it easier for wall mounting. You can also adjust the temperature as per your requirements. With the help of 4 in 1 safety valve, utmost safety is assured.

If you are looking to buy AO Smith water heater then you can purchase at affordable prices at Various other perks that you get to enjoy while shopping here include – multiple payment methods, well-informed customer support, extensive variety, etc.

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