Thursday, November 26, 2015

Where to buy Havells water heaters online

Where to buy Havells water heaters online |

Having a water heater is a must during winter season. When you go to the market, there are so many brands available which, understandably, creates a perplexing situation where you are not able to choose the right brand. So, if you are looking to purchase a branded hot water heater then look no further than Havells. The company is a respectable name when it comes to quality products which includes water heaters.

If you want to enjoy cost-effective prices on Havells water heaters, make sure that you buy at The company is into manufacturing wide range of products which comprise of water heaters, capacitors, fans, lighting, cables & wires and wide range of domestic appliances.

Following are some of their best-selling geysers which will surely make your buying process easier –

Havells Opal 10L –

Havells Opal 10L Water Heaters Online | Buy 10L Havells Geyser, India -
The main and the catchy thing about the water heater is its shape i.e. oval. It’s not just the shape that makes this unit interesting but a long of features that makes this geyser perform efficiently. Durability features comprise of – heavy duty protective magnesium anode, vitreous enamel coated tank, heavy duty seamless Incoloy 800 glass lined heating element, etc. Safety features include – multi functional safety valve, preset thermal cutout and protection against water splashing.

Havells Monza 50L –

Havells Monza 50L Water Heater Online | Buy Havells 50L Geyser, India -
It is a highly appreciated products of Havells. The geyser comes with a long list of features which include – resistant to corrosion, heating indicator lamp, adjustable temperature control, water tubes with whirl flow technology, and digital displays. The water heater bear a compact size which makes it convenient to carry and install.

Havells Puro 25L –

Havells Puro 25L Water Heater Online |  Buy 25L Havells Puro Geyser, India -
Puro is one of the stylish looking water heaters of Havells. The unit has a long list of features and efficient functioning which makes it one of the desired products as well. The geyser comes with a digital display, incoloy heating element, earth leakage circuit breaker, and heating indicator lamp. The product also has protection against radiant heat loss. But, one of the key features is its easy to use element.

Havells Fino Horizontal 25L –

Havells Fino Horizontal 25L Water Heater Online | Buy 25L Havells Fino Horizontal Geyser, India -
Loaded with some of the best features makes it more competitive than its competitors. The geyser undergo various test that assure quality product, utmost efficiency and longevity. With the help of anode rod, there is protection against corrosion. CFC free thicker PUF insulation provides holistic protection against radiant heat loss.

Havells Bueno 25L –

Havells Bueno 25L Water Heater Online | Buy 25L Havells Bueno Geyser, India -
If you are looking for a geyser for domestic purpose then make sure that you go for this unit. You don’t have to worry about the corrosion as it has right amount of protection for it. It also comes with heating indicator lamp, earth leakage circuit breaker, digital display, modern designing. The compact shape helps in easy installation of the geyser whether you want to install in the bathroom or the kitchen.

It is up to you, choose a product as per your needs and requirements from In addition to attractive price range, you also get to enjoy extensive variety, prompt customer support and multiple payment methods.

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