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Kirloskar Pressure Booster Pumps to Buy Online India

Kirloskar Pressure Booster Pumps to Buy Online India |

What is the purpose of Kirloskar Pressure Booster Pumps? How they are different from the products of competitors? Where to buy Kirloskar pressure booster pumps? Well, to  know the answers to all these questions, read the information shared in this post.

Kirloskar pressure booster pumps help you to maintain a regular pressurized water supply in the water delivery pipelines. They  have become the high demand lifestyle products in the past few years  and well suited for use in hotels, hospitals, homes, clubs and many other places where a high pressure water supply is needed. Most importantly, they give the enjoyment of high pressure water  jets in shower heads and panels. If the pressure drops in your water supply line because of any reason, pressure booster pump will increase the pressure automatically whenever it is needed.

Use Of Kirloskar Pressure Booster Pumps

Kirloskar pressure booster pumps are useful to connect  within the water supply of  hotels, clubs, home, garden and many commercial sites where high pressure water supply is needed.  They can be applied to multiple number of bathrooms, especially in big bungalows, hotels, etc.  where constant pressure of water is needed.  They can be applied in small farms and washing of cars in homes. 

Common Features That Kirloskar Pressure Booster Pumps Hold

What features make these pump units unique? Well, all these  pumps are special because of some inherent features which are distinctive and pioneering from others.

  • These pump units come with automatic on-off features and you need not to worry about switching it on and off after every use.
  • The company will deliver you a fully assembled pump unit which are ready to use.
  • They deliver same water pressure in all faucets in a multi-story buildings.
  • Stainless steel is the main material used for the construction of various parts of these pump units.
  • Pressure tanks are made up of aluminum.

Kirloskar has developed these products for some specific applications and they are the perfect choice because of easy installation, low power consumption, sturdy construction material and handy three speed switch which can be adjusted easily.

Choosing from the Available Options

Kirloskar Pressure booster pumps can be divided into two categories:

Kirloskar Horizontal Pressure Booster Pumps:

Kirloskar Horizontal Pressure Booster Pumps Online, India -
Under this category, you have total five options and you can select any one of them as per the number of bathrooms in your home or commercial site.  If you have 1-2 bathrooms, check out CPBS-52424H (0.6HP), for 1-3 bathrooms CPBS-62824H (0.8HP) is a perfect solution. It will deliver 2.6 BAR pressure. For 1-4 bathrooms, CPBS-73624H (1HP) is available which can deliver 2.9 BAR pressure efficiently. Whereas, CPBS-84424H (1.5HP) is for 1-5 bathrooms and it can deliver 3.7 BAR pressure.

Kirloskar Verticle Pressure Booster Pumps:

Kirloskar Verticle Pressure Booster Pump Online, India -
If you want to buy  Kirloskar Verticle Pressure Booster Pumps check out the CPBS-52424V (0.6HP) 24L Tank for 1-2 bathrooms, CPBS-62824V (0.8HP) is best to use in 1-3 bathrooms, CPBS-73624V (1HP)  for 1-4 bathrooms and CPBS-84424V (1.5HP)  for 1-5 bathrooms.

If you are excited to buy Kirloskar Pressure Booster Pumps, check out the range at Besides, these pumps units you can also find thousands of other options from many other small and big manufacturers. Pumpkart is an online marketplace that carries lots of products with an assurance of delivery pan India.  Please buy these pump units as per your needs or according to the number of bathrooms where you have shower heads and panels.

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