Monday, February 15, 2016

The Indian Water Pump Market to Exceed INR 190.2 billion by 2019

The Indian water pump industry is highly fragmented and changing rapidly in the presence of national and international players.  After an overall analysis of different aspects of the Indian water pump industry, Ken Research, a leading research and information service provider company has recently revealed that the Indian Water Pump Market will exceed INR 190.2 billion by 2019. The report has also highlighted major growth drivers of the industry. K S Bhatia, Founder and CEO, agree with these figures, although he added that the research has not covered the unorganized part of the same industry. He says, “The total market is 240 billion by 2017 and small manufacturers will play major  role in the growth of this industry.” He added, “In cities like Coimbatore, Ahmedabad, Karnal, Rajkot, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai etc. has a number of small players who contribute up to 30% of total market revenue, but barely considered by any research organization for market study so far.”  He confirmed before launching, the company has studied the market to know its overall size, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. The cities like Karnal having more than 50 manufacturers who are doing 200 crore business yearly and even are not covered in any data so far. Being in the same industry for 18 years, he drives the conclusion that the states like Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, UP, Maharasthra, Haryana, and some others have small manufacturers clusters which produce thousands of pumps but are unverified. He added, though the industry leaders consider 4500 -5000 crore domestic markets, but actually it is 7500 crore, including all these small manufacturers which are approximately 2000 in numbers across the country. In the same way, agriculture pumps contribute 9000 to 10,000 crore and industrial pump up to 5000 crore including organized and unorganized players.

Market Leaders In India

The Indian water pumps industry is comprised of leaders like, Kirloskar Brothers Ltd, KSB, Shakti Pumps, Lubi, Grundfos, WPIL Limited and thousands of other small and medium enterprises. They are developing new technologies in the form of innovative centrifugal pumps, solar pumps, submersible pumps, drainage pumps to carry the segments like domestic, industrial and agricultural sectors. However KBL, KSB and Shakti pumps are considered as main competitors because they have wide extended distribution network not only in India but worldwide too. However the market has become more competitive because of entry of many other small manufacturers in the organized and unorganized sector. Since its launch in June 2014, has taken all along small and big manufacturers together to become a leading player in the segment of agriculture and domestic pumps.

The industry can be segmented into centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps based on their applications.  However, in the past few years, the centrifugal pumps are in the demand because they find higher applications at the users end. Whereas, technological advancements and government policies have been significantly changed the market and demand for advanced pump units. The Ken Research report confirms that the market growth will be driven by many industrial and economic factors.

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