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Where to buy Havlox pumps online

Where to buy Havlox pumps online |

If you have plans to buy a water pump, it is always advisable that you choose a branded pump. Speaking of brand, Havlox is one brand which has an extensive range of water pumps which cater to varied water applications. In addition to variety, their products are also known for premium build quality.

So if you want to buy Havlox pumps online, make sure that you have made your purchase at Here, you can be rest assured that you will get a pump that will surely serve your needs & requirements.

Let us discuss the best pumps from the house of Havlox –

Havlox Pressure Booster Pump Mini jet (0.5HP) –

Havlox Pressure Booster Pump Mini jet (0.5HP) Online | Buy 0.5HP Havlox Mini jet Booster Pump, India -
If you are looking for a booster pump, then this is the right pump for you. The pump can be easily installed and an ideal choice for domestic applications. The pump system includes – pressure switch, pressure gauge, pressure tank, and a 5 way connector. The pump offer efficient and noiseless functioning.

Havlox-1500 Sewage Pump (1.5HP) –

Havlox-1500 Sewage Pump (1.5HP) Online | Buy (1.5HP) Havlox-1500 Sewage Pump, India -
It is one of the best-selling single phase drainage pump. The pump is made of cast iron which considerably reduces the odds of wear and tear. It also comes with Class F insulation and IP 68 protection. The pump has a maximum flow of 18000. The overall weight of the pump is 29kg which helps in easy installation of the pump. Above all the pump can also be easily operated.

Havlox-2000 Sewage Pump (2HP) –

Havlox-2000 Sewage Pump (2HP) Online | Buy 2HP Havlox Sewage Pump, India -
If you choose this pump, you can be rest assured that you will have a pump that you have desired. The sturdiness of the pump is assured as the body of the pump is made of cast iron and single channel cast iron is being used for the impeller. The pump has a power of 2hp and a total weight of 32kg. 
Silicon carbide is used for making mechanical seal.  

Havlox-3000 Sewage Pump-3PH (3HP) –

Havlox-3000 Sewage Pump-3PH (3HP) Online | Buy 3HP Havlox-3000 Sewage Pump, India -
This unit come loaded with different features which makes the pump to stand out in the competition. Starting with its body, it has a body that is made of cast iron which assures the sturdiness of the pump. The pump has a power of 3hp and Class F insulation. The pump comes with a maximum flow of 4200 lph. It has a maximum head of 22mtr and impeller is made of cast iron.

Havlox-10000 Sewage Pump-3PH (10HP) –

Havlox-10000 Sewage Pump-3PH (10HP) Online | Buy 10HP Havlox-10000 Sewage Pump, India -
This drainage pump is performance based pump. Owing to its efficient functioning, the pump enjoys extensive demand across the globe. The power of the pump is of 10hp and the volt is 380. The overall weight of the pump is 163 kg which helps in easy maneuverability. Its compact shape helps in the easy installation. The maximum head is of 55mtr and the maximum flow is of 17000.

Choose a pump as per your needs from the above discussed pumps at In addition to cost effective prices, you get to enjoy varied payment methods, extensive variety, well-informed customer support staff, etc.

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