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Buy Khaitan pumps online at affordable prices

Buy Khaitan pumps online at affordable prices |

Water is the basic necessity and in order to fulfill this, water pumps has really played a pivotal role. Owing to this, the market of water pumps has become quite competitive with so many brands competing with each other striving to be the best. If you are looking for the best brand for water pumps, then look no further than Khaitan.

If you want to enjoy the best prices, make sure you shop at Here, you get to choose from the renowned brands both global and local. Before you get to make a choice, make sure that you are aware of the best-selling water pumps from Khaitan, so let us discuss them in detail –

Khaitan Tusker (1HP) –

Khaitan Tusker (1HP) Online | Buy 1HP Khaitan Tuskar in India -
Tusker is a unit that is well-known for high efficiency which makes the pump to stand apart in the competition. The pump is also famous for offering better heat dissipation and resistance to dust as well. With Thermal Overlaod Protector (TOP), the motor has protection against burning. It sleek shape makes it easy to maneuver and install the pump.

Khaitan Alex (Non Self Priming) (0.5HP) –

Khaitan Alex (Non Self Priming) (0.5HP) Online | Buy 0.5HP Khaitan Alex in India -
Alex is known to be one of the advanced pumps from the house of Khaitan. The pump has aluminum extruded motor body which offer protection against corrosion. Thermal Overload Protector (TOP) offer right amount of protection against any probable incident of fire. The pump has Class B insulation and TEFC motor with IP 44. The pump has a compact shape which helps in easy maneuverability and with its lightweight it gets easily installed.

Khaitan Gallop (1HP) –

Khaitan Gallop (1HP) Online | Buy 1HP Khaitan Gallop at affordable prices, India -
Gallop is a model that will surely cater to water requirements at farms, nurseries, gardens, apartments, hotels and hospitals. The pump comes with a vacuum impregnated motor winding. It also comes with TEFC motor with IP 44 protection and has Class B insulation. The pump has a robust built which considerably reduces the odds of wear and tear. The modern shape of the pump has a sleeker look and lightweight which assists in easy installation.

Khaitan Self Priming Alex (0.5HP) –

Khaitan Self Priming Alex (0.5HP) Online | Buy 0.5HP Khaitan Self Priming Alex, India -
The pump is one of the most trusted pumps of Khaitan and owing to this it also enjoys a great demand from the user end. The pump can be used for domestic and agricultural use. It has a self-priming nature and has rust resistant body. The best thing about the pump is that it can be easily operated. With its compact shape, it consumes lesser space and gets easily installed.

Khaitan Sheet Metal (0.5HP) –

Khaitan Sheet Metal (0.5HP) Online | Buy 0.5HP Khaitan Sheet Metal, India -
With this model, you can be rest assured that you will have an efficient solution for your water woes. The pump is known for high efficiency and longevity. The pump is attached with high quality mechanical seal. It also has brass impeller and SS shaft that helps in avoiding rust issues.

So if you want to buy Khaitan pumps online, enjoy cost-effective deals at You also get to make payments using varied payment methods, you enjoy around the clock customer support and above all an extensive variety to choose from.

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