Thursday, April 21, 2016

Save water save country– Pumpkart playing an important role

Save water save country– Pumpkart playing an important role

With Earth Day fast approaching, we all should take a moment and think what we can do for the mother nature. Besides other issues, water shortage is one of the key issues that our planet is facing today. Seeing the water scarcity in the world, only limited amount of fresh water is left.

Since saving water and cutting down water shortage is the only resort that is left at the moment, is a leading name in doing this. The online portal has initiated Save Water, Save Country. Under this, the portal stresses more on strategic usage of water by using water pumps. These pumps actually help in channelizing water to its intended usage. This way, there is less chance of water wastage and at the same time the portal is contributing towards a noble cause.

Key Facts –

As per a survey from a source, following facts have been found –

  • Energy providers also consume a significant amount of water. In America, over 500 billion liters of freshwater is being used on a daily basis in order to keep the electric power plants cool.
  • It has been estimated that by 2050, around 12,000 cubic kilometers of water is needed in order to feed rising population of the world.     
  • Agriculture industry consumes the maximum amount of freshwater. Actually, it is not the crops that consumes water, it is actually the livestock. In order to produce 1kg of wheat, 1550 liters of water is required.  
  • It is estimated that more than a billion people on this planet does not have clean water to drink.

No matter it is a developed nation or a small country, every country is facing the issue of water shortage alike. Let us take the examples of two countries – Israel has a very limited water and they have to struggle hard for fresh water and on the other hand Netherlands has abundance of water. The best part is that both these countries have strategically managed the water supplies. Various other nations, including America and other European nations are not as resourceful.

Here are some water-saving policies which can be tried at home:

Well, water is important for every single living individual on this planet and it is our duty that we should not leave the responsibility on the government officials and their schemes to save water wastage. There are numerous methods in which we can save water domestically, thereby we play a significant role in saving the environment and energy bills as well. Following are the ways in which you can save water while you are at home –

  • You should prefer taking showers instead of having baths, this will surely save significant amount of water.
  • Make sure that the dishwasher and the washing machine should only be used when they are full.
  • While you are brushing your teeth, make sure that the tap is turned off. You can also store some amount of water, this way you will save water.
  • You can also try saving rain water during the summer season.
  • If you have found leakage in your fixtures then make sure that they are mended on a priority basis.
If you have kids at home teach them the significance of water, they should know that every drop is important for a better future.

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