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Kirloskar Agriculture Monoblock Pumps

Kirloskar Agriculture Monoblock Pumps | Buy Kirloskar Agriculture Pumps Online, India -

As per a survey more than two billion people, across the world, are reportedly engaged in varied agricultural activities to earn their daily livelihood. Now, in order to have right amount of water supply; water pumps really come handy which assist in regulating the supply of water for the irrigational reasons. These pumps help in getting water from rivers, wells, tanks and various others sources to the irrigational area.

There is no doubt that a user is always in a perplexed situation to buy an agriculture pump which has high performance, reliability and longevity. This problem is aptly solved by where you get a wide range of agricultural pumps from some of the leading brands. Let us first get to know more about agriculture monoblock pumps and the best brand that offers the agriculture water pumps.  

Agriculture pumps –

Of late, we have witnessed significant advancements in the field of technology, water pumps being one of them. Water pumps are available in varied shapes & sizes; they are built in a manner that they offer high performance & efficiency. Agriculture sector, in the past few years, have witnessed significant developments and water pumps have played a pivotal role in it. Now, you can easily draw water from wells, creek or lake and use water for lawn sprinkling.

A right agricultural water pump can only be selected if you are well-versed with the needs & requirements, the power that is actually needed and the quantity of water that needs to be drawn. The rise & fall of the water level from the ground level and from beneath the ground can change the pump requirements.   

Kirloskar agriculture pumps

Kirloskar is a respected name in the water pump industry. They have an extensive range of water pumps which vary from monoblock pump, shallow well pump, submersible pump, multistage pumps and various others. Talking particularly about agriculture pumps, the company has end suction monoblock pumps in which KAM Hi-Flow series is quite popular. Let us discuss two of the best monoblock pumps in detail –

Kirloskar KAM-11 Hi Flow Monoblock Pump (1HP) –

This particular unit is one of the efficient monoblock pumps. The pump is loaded with a wide variety of features which make the pump more efficient and maintains high performance. The pump is built in a manner that it can easily withstand wide voltage fluctuations from 300-440v. Noise and vibration free functioning is assured with its dynamically balanced rotating parts. Along with delivery casing and cast iron, the pump is ideal choice for irrigational and agricultural reasons. The suction lift is upto 7.5m. CED coating cast iron components contains rust-free and long life functioning.

Kirloskar KAM-05 Hi Flow Monoblock Pump (0.5HP) –

Two words can be used to describe this particular pump – reliability and efficient. The pump has so many factors that take this pump one step ahead of the existing competition. The pump is capable enough to endure voltage fluctuation from 300 to 440v. The pump is easy to maintain and with the help of dynamically balanced rotating parts, there is no vibration and noise level while functioning.

Buying Kirloskar agriculture monoblock pumps online is quite easy at Here, you can make use of easy payment methods to make your payments, choose from an extensive range of water pumps and you get precise and right information about the pumps from our prompt customer support team.

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