Tuesday, May 17, 2016

India’s first O2O shopping platform – Pumpkart.com

India’s first O2O shopping platform – Pumpkart.com

O2O is an abbreviation that is being used for online to offline commerce. In layman language, it can be defined as a buyer who is making use of an app or a website that further drives the buyer to make a purchase offline. At the moment, there are few names in the O2O industry, but pumpkart.com has emerged as India’s first O2O shopping platform for water pumps and other related accessories. 

Founder of pumpkart.com, Mr KS Bhatia states that such stores will support the buyers in having a touch and feel experience of their products. With the help of this store, we have provided with free installation services throughout the tri-city. He further states that they have plans to open 100 stores across India in next 4 years with the help of franchising model in varied formats. It also provide a one stop solution for increasing contractors and institutional clientele. This will be done in order to provide the buyers with the experience of buying everything, related to pumping, at one single place. He is of the view that the pumpkart will surely play a pivotal role in catering to the buyers in Tier I and Tier II cities. 

Pumpkart will surely help the buyers in making a smart choice when it comes to buying commercial, domestic and agricultural pumps. At the moment, the company is self-funded and it is backed by prevailing venture venture Air Fluid Engineer and Equipments. The in-house team comprise of online promotion team, logistics, business development team, customer support, technical support team.  
A sales network is being proposed by Pumpkart via hardware, sanitaryware and plumbing shops via offering commissions to them.

As per an agreement, Pumpkart has joined hands with Indian government in order to serve government facilitated kiosks throughout India. Initially, the company will serve 5% of the whole network of Government Common Service Centre. The government of India has announced that a significant investment in the infrastructural development in the country will be made, this will give a boost to the demand for pumps. In addition to this, additional investments will be made in the oil and irrigational sectors that will also help in increasing demand for pumps.    
Without a doubt, O2O does have a future but it needs to transform itself into something that can prove more valuable to the buyers.

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